The First Name In Materials Testing

Tinius Olsen UTM

A truly Universal Materials Testing Machine (UTM) capable of testing a wide range of materials including but not limited to metals, alloys, composites, plastics, adhesives and components at temperatures ranging from -70 degree C through ambient room temperature up to 1200 degree C. The system is capable of applying forces in Tension, Compression, Flex bend and Shear modes at a constant or varying speed in response to changes in a materials stress or strain, through break and failure or to specified load or strain targets over a period of time.

What makes the Tinius Olsen UTM platform so versatile is the ability for a single operator to manage the exchange of accessories easily and quickly using the integrated accessory handling system, chambers, furnaces, specimen grips, extensometers and specimen alignment are quickly and easily moved in and out of the test area. The Horizon materials testing software with its comprehensive library of pre-defined test methods provides immediate test configuration in accordance with ASTM and ISO standards. A material or components pass/fail criteria and specimen identification are instantly loaded making a change from one test configuration to another quick and accurate – It is a “Plug and Test” system.

The platform allows for the integration and simultaneous use of alignment, contacting and non-contacting extensometers and features the ability to capture on video the test in support of material or component failure analysis and strain mapping. Uniquely using the integrated video extensometer it is possible to measure and plot specimen alignment throughout a test in support of Nadcap alignment criteria and on line real time remote witness verification.

Please do explore the interactive Universal Materials Testing Platform product overview and contact us for a live demonstration, quote or more information.